Who Are We?

The Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission is one of the oldest Sports Commissions in the United States. The mission of the 501(c)(3) non- profit organization is to represent the citizens of the Valley to bring national and international sporting events to the state, assist in the promotion of existing events and teams, and support youth sports […]

Co-Volunteer Organization of the Year

Co-Volunteer Organization of the Year – Goes to El Mirage Resort / and the El Mirage Pickleball Club – The resort and the Pickleball Club together have donated countless hours hosting our highly successful Pickleball events over the past few years with two more week-long events scheduled over the next 3 months. It takes an […]

2014 Co -Volunteers of the Year

Co -Volunteers of the Year: Presented today to Canyon State Academy. Canyon State Academy has been in the Valley since 1951 & currently has over 300 students ages 12-18 years old at the Junior HS & HS levels. Their mission is to of course, educate but also to make sure the students take an active […]

2014 Co-Venue of the Year Award

Co – Venue of the Year goes to the Recreation & Athletic programs at ASU. As a long-time sponsor of the Grand Canyon State Games and the Sports Commission, ASU has whole – heartily ADOPTED & OPENED their campus to our athletes encompassing a wide variety of competitions. We contested over 30 separate events in […]

2014 Co-Venue of the Year

Our other Venue of the Year Award goes to our host today – PERA Club! The 83-acre PERA Club has been taking care of Salt River Project employees & their families since 1951 and now they are taking care of the Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission through the use of its beautiful facilities. At last […]

2014 Co-Commissioners of the year Award

Bob & Jettye Lanius from the current baby boomer sport of choice – Pickleball. Bob & Jettye have been with us for several years & each year attendance in Pickleball has increased & we just recently opened registration for our Feb. 2015 event & we are headed for a record year. What makes these two […]

2014 Co-Commissioner of the Year

Co-Commissioner of the Year: Debbie Kelley! Representing the up & coming sport of BMX. Debbie’s commitment to the Grand Canyon State Games & now the AZ Sports & Entertainment Commission is extraordinary. She not only serves as our BMX Volunteer Commissioner for well over a decade, she is also a current Board member and on […]

2014 Co – Power Player of the Year Award

Co – Power Player of the Year Award – Goes to a very special 11 year old named Braydon Bolton. Brayden represents the sport of fencing. The obstacles that he has overcome to reach the competitive level in fencing are extraordinary – like his 1st open heart surgery at 3 months old & another at […]

2014 Co-Power Player of the Year

Co – Power Player of the year Award – Goes to the Acceleration Track Club. This Native American track club is a real athletic success story. Director/Coach Nick Lewis built this group of young athletes into a group that won 86 medals, 57 of which were gold at our past Lori Piestewa Games National Native […]

2014 Athlete of the Year

Started in 2001 in Tucson as a way for at risk youth and underprivileged kids to learn key life attributes such as discipline, respect, and success while in a competitive environment- many of the same principles that our organization embraces.  This academy has been able to do this through the teachings of wrestling. They believe […]

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