FENCING – Grand Canyon State Winter Games 

March 18-19, 2017




DATE/VENUE/LOCATION:   March 18th & 19th, 2017 at the beautiful

Fencers Club of Arizona facility at 6100 W. Gila Springs Pl. #13 Chandler, AZ 85226

*Map to location: Map: http://www.bit.ly/ddPd5W



$35 first event / $15 per additional event



Registration open through 1/13/16.  After 3/13/17 $50 first event / $15 per additional event.

No registration will be taken on the Grand Canyon State Games form. ALL preregistration must be made thru REGISTER HERE. Askfred registration is not complete until payment is made.


**Late registration is available at the door but must be paid in cash or check made out to AZ Fencing Division (no credit cards taken for late entry fee). Tshirt size is not guaranteed for late registration.


USFA Membership is required.

Fencers must be a current competitive USFA or FIE Member. Proof of membership is required. While fencers are encouraged to get memberships directly through the USFA prior to the competition, completed USFA membership forms will be accepted at the door. If you do not have proof of membership, you will be required to complete and pay for a membership. Payment for memberships is made directly to the USFA ** NO CASH ** bring separate check or credit card for membership.


All participants must complete the waiver/release agreement. Fencers under 18 years old are reminded they need the signature of a parent or guardian (not a coach) on BOTH the membership application and waiver/release agreements.



Fencers must check-in with their membership card or a letter of good standing. Athletes without proof of membership must fill out all appropriate forms to pay for membership. Payment will be returned if membership can be verified.


This season, parents should come prepared with ONE of the following in case the fencer’s age needs verification for eligibility purposes:

  1. A government issued photo ID with date of birth included
  2. A copy of birth certificate
  3. Passport



Offering All 3 Weapons.  Medals for top three – No fence off for 3rd Age divisions for the games are: Y12 combine  (2002-2007) U16 Combine  (2000-2003 or have National Y14 points) Senior Men, Women or Mixed  (born in 2003 or earlier) SCHEDULE:

Saturday March 18th                                                            Sunday March 19th

Senior Men Sabre: 10 AM                                                  Senior Mixed Epee: 10 AM

Senior Mixed Foil: 11:30 AM                                              Youth 12 Mixed Foil: 10 AM

U12 Mixed Sabre: 1 PM                                                      U16 Mixed Sabre: 12 PM

Senior Women’s Sabre: 1PM **                                        U16 Mixed Foil: 12 PM

U16 Mixed Epee: 2 PM                                                       U12 Mixed Epee: 2 PM

** if less than 10 Women’s Senior Sabre fencers we will combine with Men’s Saber



Seeding for events shall be based on the following order:

  1. Current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon. This filters down the entire list, not just the top 32 as done in a NAC.
  2. Letter ranking with year classification
  3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.



Bouts in the pool round are 5-touch bouts with a 3-minute time limit.

One round of pools of 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 person pools; 100% advancement to simple direct elimination tableau.  The direct elimination bouts will be 15-touch bouts in three 3-minute segments. In saber, there is a 1-minute break when one fencer’s score reaches 8 or 3 minutes have lapsed, whichever occurs first.



USFA rules apply. Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron.


All weapons will be scored electrically. Equipment (masks, lames, and body cords/head cords) will be inspected and marked.


Epee wiring must meet the current standards in effect as of August 1, 2013. For more information, please see http://www.fencingofficials.org/blog/2013/05/wiring-epees/


Armory will open for equipment controls


The FCAZ Fencing Store (located within the venue) has a full line of equipment. It will be open during the tournament.



Fencers Club of Arizona

6100 W. Gila Springs Pl. #13 Chandler, AZ 85226

Map: http://www.bit.ly/ddPd5W



Fencers Club of Arizona

Will Becker – Assistant Coach


(480) 459-5140


Bill Becker  – AZ Fencing Division Chairman

(954) 295- 6650


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