LOCATION: Saturday, June 11, 2016 –ASU Sun Angel Track Stadium. (401 S Packard Dr, Tempe, AZ 85287).  This is a Saturday morning and evening event.  

ENTRY FEES: $20 first 3 events, $3 each additional event

HOTEL INFORMATION: For Summer Games accommodations in Phoenix, please contact the official Hotel of the GCSG, the DoubleTree Guest Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix for a special Summer Games room rate. Please call 602-225-0500 for details.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Early entry deadline (postmarked on or before) June 4, 2016. After that date add $15 late fee. Late entries allowed up to and on day of meet until 4:30pm and will be based on space availability.

AGE GROUPS: Adult age groups only, including (HS: 16-18), OPEN: 19-29), plus all standard five year age groups from age 30 upward, i.e., 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+. Based on age on day of meet.

RELAYS: All relay teams will be formed on site. Relay placement is in ten year increments, based on the youngest member of the team (Open, 30+, 40+, 50+, etc.)

RULES: USA Track and Field Rules of competition apply, with Masters Exceptions.


3000m Walk       All Ages                               Steeplechase          Men/Women

4×100 relay          All Ages                               100m Dash             All Ages

1500m Run          All Ages                               800m Run              All Ages

110m Hurdles     Men 16-18 (39in.)           400m Hurdles       Men 16-59

                                 Men 19-29 (42in.)                                               Women 16-39

                                 Men 30-49 (39in.)          300m Hurdles      Men 60+

100m Hurdles    Men 50-59 (36in.)                                              Women 40+

                                 Women 16-39 (33in.)    200m Dash            All Ages

                                 Men 60-69 (33in.)          3000m Run           Women

80m Hurdles      Women 40+ (30in.)      5000m Run            Men

                                 Men 70+ (30in.)             4×400 Relay           All Ages

400m Dash          All Ages                             4×800 Relay           All Ages


* Please be prepared. The meet will run on a continuous basis. If no competitors in an event, the next event will be contested. Steeplechase needs to be preregistered so we can fill water jump.


  • Hammer, Weight and Superweight are in the morning session

All athletes will receive 3 attempts in preliminary rounds and the top 8 competitors will advance to finals and receive 3 additional attempts.


All ages                    All ages                   Flt#1 – Men 16-59            All ages (open pit)

                                                                      Flt#2 – Men 60+, Women

5:30PM POLE VAULT    5PM DISCUS                             5PM SHOT PUT                         7PM TRIPLE JUMP

                                                Flt#1 – Men 16-59                     Flt#1 – Men 60+, Women      (open pit)

                                                Flt#2 – Men 60+, Women    Flt#2 – Men 16-59

Weight (After Hammer completion)

Super Weight

* Check-in for Field events is 30 minutes before competition. Flights may be combined due to number of competitors. Be prepared: This schedule is a guide and may be run +/-30 minutes in each event.

For information, please contact Commissioner James Smith at James@azflames.com.

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